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VideoMost yoga studio owners are in a state of perpetual overwhelm. We get it!


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Why Join The Yogapreneur Collective?

The problem yoga business owners face is that they have lost enthusiasm for their business because it’s been such a financial and energetic drain. 

Alongside this “malaise,” they feel guilty or out-of-integrity trying harder to make more money through typical sales and marketing strategies.

They don’t see their business as a typical business, they see it as a service, a community, a “purpose.” It’s something they are called to. But in doing this, they’re making pennies and working their asses off. So they’re burning out and losing steam.

The Yogapreneur Collective is a community for Yoga business owners who realize that Yoga has actually taught us a lot about business but you have to unlearn the dogma that isn’t serving you and realize the correct connection between the two.

The Yogapreneur Collective is THE community for effective, ethical yoga business growth, by helping yoga businesses make more money and a larger impact!

What Members Are Saying

Breathing Is To Yoga What Money Is To Business

Businesses are the core drivers of social transformation in their ability to build community around a central idea and bring the unconventional and revolutionary to the mainstream.

Therefore, if you really believe that yoga can save someone's life, you have a moral obligation to serve it to them to the best of your ability.